no way forward?

Movement: Madeleine Mosse/ Mask: Anya Gleizer

No Way Forward? is an interdisciplinary session that brings together artistic, philosophical and scientific methodologies to seek solutions beyond the separation of the detailed and the larger picture. We will experiment with ways to rewire our brains, trained as they are to think within seemingly ‘logical’ parameters, which are more often than not systems of thought which we have been conditioned to apply through growing up in particular cultural contexts – be they about race, economic truth or ‘scientific’ approaches to reasoning, to name but a few. Together, we will learn to form a more holistic picture – one that explores peacefully a larger variety of experiences and allows to develop solutions that go beyond what we currently perceive as dictated by unshakeable laws. The session is a participatory workshop presented and conducted by Katja Lehmann (environmental scientist and artist), Philip Franses (holistic scientist) and Azadeh Fatehrad (environmental holistic artist). No Way Forward? is open to all levels from any disciplines.

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