Collaborative Projects

Translation Studies
If you have ever wondered to what degree the content of what you have just expressed has been understood by the people you have expressed it to, this project is for you.
What is the overlap between what we say, write, visualize, sing and what our communication partners make of it? Are we all equally good or bad translators, or are some of us better at it than others? We normally only find out how well we have translated, when we get entangled in misunderstandings that are big enough to need sorting. The poet Kate Wakeling and I are setting out to research the subject. Kate has picked photos from my photo series ‘Road Show’ – I don’t know which ones – to ‘translate’ them into poems. She will then pass the poems back to me, to translate into new photos. We will see if we can match the translations to the starting points, and Kate will do a reading of the poems resulting from this first round of translations on 26th February 2019. The project will continue thereafter, and we will be joined by the choreographer Fiona Millward and the composer Catherine Carter to create the next translation chain.

A climate change project to awaken us to the effects that Climate Change will have on the places we love and how to come to terms with those. With choreographer Fiona Millward and public artist Jo Fairfax

The Diasporic Fall: The Incarcerated Mind and the Return to Freedom in Three Vignettes
An exploration of the bias created by cultural habits, and the moments that help us or force us to open up to freedom. I’m travelling this road with the artist Azadeh Fatehrad and the mathematician Philip Franses.